EasyCoder PM4i FP/DP, TT 203 dpi, Dsim, Self Strip, LTS, EasyLAN

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EasyCoder PM4i FP/DP, TT 203 dpi, Dsim, Self Strip, LTS, EasyLAN Ethernet included
Artikelnummer: PM4B610000001320
Standard Model Configuration
Mechanics: DT or TT, resolution 203dpi (8 dots/mm), print speed 8″/s (200mm/s), print width 4″ (104mm)
Media: Media width max 4,50″ (114mm),  Label Roll diameter 8″ (200mm); Adjustable Media Sensor; Ribbon length 18.000″ (450mt)
Electronics: Processor 32 bit RISC; 4MB Flash, 8MB DRAM; 1x PCMCIA adapter  Firmware: Fingerprint and Direct Protocol or IPL
User Interface: 3 LEDs, 21 key keyboard for Fingerprint or 7 key for IPL , 32 character alphanumeric backlight display
Communication: Serial RS232c and USB   
Included in Printer Box  
Power Cord, User’s Guide, Installation & operation manual, Cleaning Card, Companion CD, Comm. cable
Narrow media guide, Fan-fold media guide, Warranty registration card, Declaration of Confirmity.

Are you looking for more efficient processes, reduced costs, and increased production?The EasyCoder PM4i is an industrial printer designed to excel in demanding applications and environments. Utilizing the latest technology, the PM4i features a strong and proven mechanical platform, and powerful newly developed electronics.The EasyCoder PM4i printer acts as a “smart client” executing user-defined programs. This means your PM4i printer eliminates the personal computer, operates additional hardware (e.g. scanners, other printers, conveyors), accesses information from network host, and retains the ability to change as needed with the application for additional functionality. When using the EasyLAN™ Wireless option for the PM4i, any attached peripheral devices also become part of the wireless infrastructure.Printer command languages do not restrict the EasyCoder PM4i bar code label printer. The printer can be changed to understand and replace competitive and older Intermec printers without requiring any changes to the host programming or label formats that are currently being used.The EasyCoder PM4i includes integrated wired or wireless EasyLAN networking. The EasyLAN Wireless interface uses an integrated standard 802.11b radio. This radio provides 128-bit WEP encryption of the information relayed through the network. Intermec’s wired and wireless technology ensures secure printing and network infrastructure for all environments.This is an extremely versatile bar code label printer. There are up to five interface ports that can be used simultaneously. The EasyCoder PM4i includes serial, parallel, USB, internal EasyLAN Ethernet, and EasyLAN Wireless. The magnetic QuickMount printhead eliminates hassles and the need to call a service technician. The printhead is replaced quickly and easily with the magnet and u-brackets ensuring proper alignment. The double-clutching ribbon mechanism means that you are no longer restricted to ribbon types based on how they are wound. The handy, inexpensive and PC-compatible Compact Flash memory technology provides quick and easy upgrades of firmware, fonts and memory.The EasyCoder PM4i printer is exceptionally fast in throughput and printing, reliable, and delivers very high print quality.


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