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This website is made in the Swedish language, as we are a Swedish company we are focusing on serving the market in Sweden. As a Provider of RFID Solutions  and a VAR of RFID related products we are working with products from the leading manufacturers – but also with small inovative manufacturers of products dedicated to specific usecases .

If you are interested in our products knowledge and experience – please, let us know.

If you are Manufacturer, Supplier or Market developer of RFID related products, systems or solutions – you are free contacting us to discuss eventual possibilities in co-operation.

About us? Since 1984 we are working with RFID and barcode products/solutions. Especially in RFID we have learned some “the hard way” and not only by reading and talking. I have been a frequent speaker at RFID seminars and exhibitions.

It´s difficult objectively  measuring good and bad in business over a long period of time. But we are proud of the fact all customers historically have paid all our invoices and of course we have paid our suppliers.



If you are interested in us and our possibilities, don´t hesitate contact us!


Bjorkhallan 44

SE-43639 ASKIM, Gothenburg


Tel: +46 708 40 67 69


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