TRANSIT PS70 Standard

The TRANSIT Standard reader is
a long-range vehicle
identification reader with built-in
antenna and a wide variety of
interfaces to ensure seamless
and flexible integration.

Compact industrial design
Weatherproof protected housing
Read range up

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TRANSIT PS70 Standard


Artikelnummer: 9990410


The TRANSIT readers consist of a built-in antenna, switched power supply and various interfaces for quick and easy installation. The identification lobe of the reader is a directed beam offering precise determination of the identification area. The TRANSIT reader efficiently resolves typical multilane entry and exit reader challenges. The TRANSIT reader operates on a frequency, selected and set at factory. The frequency offset allows multiple readers to operate in the same range. The reading range of the reader can be adjusted to ensure reliable identification

Key features
  • Compact industrial design
  • Weatherproof protected housing
  • Read range up to 10m [33 ft]
  • Object speed up to 200 km/h [125 mph]
  • Well defined adjustable read range
  • Multi-channel frequency offset
  • Variety of integrated interfaces
Read range adjustment

The reader efficiently resolves typical multi-lane, entry and exit reader challenges. The read range of the TRANSIT standard reader can be adjusted to offer secure and reliable identification in a specific application.

Interfaces & protocols

The TRANSIT Standard reader is designed for seamless and flexible integration to existing management systems in the industry, such as parking management, traffic control, loading control and access control systems.

Several communication interfaces to the host system are available such as RS232, RS422, 20mA Current Loop, Profibus DP and TCP/IP. Also open industry standards such as Wiegand and Omron are supported. On request also customer specific protocols can be implemented.

Proximity antenna connection

The NEDAP 120 kHz module is integrated in the Standard version of the TRANSIT reader and allows connection of an additional proximity antenna directly to the reader.


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