Rx3b Reader R-ident, 1/4 whip aerial Database version

1/4 whip aerial Database version

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R-IDENT receivers (RXs) are used to read R-IDENT tags (TXs) and any aditional data they may be transmitting about their inputs. The readers are a small size enabling easy installation in limited space. Readers are weatherproof and can be mounted outside if required (except for RX2C, RX3C, RX4C, RX5C and RX6C which require mounting in a suitable weatherproof enclosure due to the aerial BNC connector) .

Internal aerial Database version

RX3 receiver builds a database of all tags within it’s range

RX3 has built in keypad and LCD 4 line x 20 character display for viewing the database, configuring error conditions, edit remote phone numbers.

RX3 can also be configured by the ‘RXCONFIG’ PC based software either remotely (via a MODEM) or by direct connection to the PC

RX3 can raise an alarm condition on: Change of tag (TX) input status, TX battery low, the loss of communication with a TX in the database, TX battery low.

RX3 can raise alarm conditions either locally (via a volt free relay contact) of remotely (via a PSTN or GSM MODEM, which the RX3 can be connected to)

RX3 can form a completely stand alone system


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