Rx2a Reader R-ident, Internal aerial read all tags

Internal aerial read all tags
RX2a has upto 100m range

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R-IDENT receivers (RXs) are used to read R-IDENT tags (TXs) and any aditional data they may be transmitting about their inputs. The readers are a small size enabling easy installation in limited space. Readers are weatherproof and can be mounted outside if required (except for RX2C, RX3C, RX4C, RX5C and RX6C which require mounting in a suitable weatherproof enclosure due to the aerial BNC connector)

RX2 sends all received tag data packets to a host system via it’s serial port

RX2 can be used with a host system (PC or similar) to compile a database of all tags within it’s range

RX2 has upto 100m range


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