Nordic ID Morphic – the future works.

* UHF RFID reader
* Windows CE 6.0
* Bluetooth
* Streckkodsscanner
* 2D Imager
* Ethernet

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Exempel på “standardkonfigarioner” av Morphic

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Nordic ID Morphic är en mobile computer för datainsamling och röstkommunikation. Den erbjuder de flesta funktioner du kan önska dig i detta sammanhang. Att den även är liten, lätt och har tilltalande design är ytterligare plusfaktorer.

Bakåtkompatibiliteten gör att enheten även passar in i existerande system. Möjligheterna till att flexibelt kunna läsa data från streckkoder och UHF RFID-taggar underlättas av att handdatorn kan utrustas med RFID-läsare plus streckkodsscanner (för vanliga streckkoder) alternativt 2D imager/kamera för läsning av 2-dimensionella streckkoder.

Överföring av data och kommunikation med värdsystem kan ske med WLAN eller GPRS. Som option kan handdatorn även fungera som GSM-telefon. De alternativa sätten för kommunikationen gör att Morphic kan användas såväl inomhus som utomhus, där det inte finns täckning med WLAN.

With the optional software emulator, programmes that have already been developed for the Nordic ID RF series can also be used for Nordic ID Morphic without changes. Nordic ID Morphic is a mobile computer that adapts to the latest technologies and melts into the environment like a chameleon. The remote management system of Nordic ID Morphic enables centrally launched software upgrades for terminals already in use. This way, downtimes are minimized and valuable IT resources are preserved.Like all other products offered by Nordic ID, this solid mobile computer consequently relies on established norms: the operating system Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 to secure your independence and a customizer to distribute and control the software as required.

Fast on the curve

Nordic ID Morphic’s robust no-nonsense exterior incorporates an intuitive user interface with browser for a fast return on information on the shop floor.  Even novice users can quickly adapt to its practical operating logic, get on the learning curve and put it to work. Watch productivity increase as your workforce get access to valuable information that directs effective action.

Shaped to fit

Nordic ID Morphic is first and foremost a working tool. That is why we‘ve designed it to be small enough to fit comfortably in the hand. Shaped like a mobile phone it is easy to use and its operating logic is very straightforward. It will win favor with users across a range of industries and will prove rugged enough to withstand working conditions whatever the application environment. It meets the requirements of protection class IP54 and can survive a drop of 1.5m to a concrete floor.

This is a tool that won’t get put down easily or forgotten somewhere on the shop floor because it simply makes work easier.



• Standard Windows® CE operating system
• Standard browser
• 2-year warranty
• Various communication alternatives
• Ergonomic design
• Single-hand operation
• Very compact size
• Very light weight (<190g)
• Durability
• Sharp and bright colour display
• Future-proof technologies


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