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MiniPCB HF Antenna


In case you only have limited space available and still need a good reading range our MiniPCB Antenna is the right choice. At 70 mm x 40 mm (2.75″ x 1.6″) it is smaller than a credit card and it is the smallest of our standard antennas. Due to its optimized antenna design a reading range of up to 15 cm (6″) is possible.
The antenna structure is etched directly onto a PCB. This allows a low cost and robust design since tuning components are not necessary. Due to the high stability of the material a detuning due to deformation of the antenna is avoided.

Appropriate readers: HF short range readers as our QuasarSR but also other HF readers and modules with up to 500 mW RF power.

Here you’ll find some key technical data on the  MiniPCB-Antenna.

Short Description MiniPCB-Antenna
Device Type HF PCB-Antenna
Operating Frequency 13.56 MHz
System Impedance 50 Ohm
Max. RF Power 500 mW
Connector BNC (others on request)
Reading Range up to  10 cm
Dimensions 40 x 70 mm
  • Integration into OEM systems
  • Protected environment with limited space
  • Applications with a reading range of up to 10 cm



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