Confidex Corona2

Confidex Corona™ – Värmetålig UHF tagg. Chip NXP Ucode G2XM d.v.s 240 bit EPC + 512 bit extended memory.

Klarar temperaturer -35 till +200 gr C.

Monteras helst fritt hängande.


Confidex Corona™ is designed to provide discrete visibility of high-value, work-in-process items in demanding environments.

It was specifically designed to perform in the challenging environments found in the industrial electrophoretic painting processes used in the automotive industry.

A typical solution is to achieve an identification system that employs an RFID tag attached at the very beginning of the car manufacturing process.

The tag must survive and continue functioning properly throughout the entire car production process while firmly attached to the chassis. These tags are subjected to several chemical baths, painting and cleansing processes, high temperatures, and physical stresses.

Confidex Corona™ can be used in applications where reusability is not a definite requirement.

UHF RFID label in the item level identification in comparison to permanent tags, is a preferred choice. This drives both direct investment of the system down,
but also costs related to indirect maintenance cost and labor.

Product description

Dimensions100 mm x 20,32 mm x 0,3 mm
3,93 in x 0,8 in x 0,01 inFrequency860 – 960 MHzRead range5-9 m/16-29 ftIC and memory sizeNXP G2XM
240 bit EPC + 512 bit extended memoryAmbient temperature-35  to +200 °C(10cycles of 0,5h duration
-31 °F to +392Peak:+220°C/428 °F 0,5h duration

Attachment methodsMechanicalSpecial featuresHeat resistant label for various applicationsProducts is RoHS compliant


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